Asano kanto nata, Japanese hatchet

A sort of heavy cleaver used in Japan as a general purpose small forestry hatchet, for splitting firewood, limbing small trees, scraping bark, and pruning bushes. From Asano Mokkousho in Tsubame-Sanjo city, an area known for its many smithies, metal workshops, garden, agricultural, and edge tool makers. With excellent balance and ground with a double bevel to allow for brilliantly controlled cutting be that with left of right handed use. With a lacquered Kanto oak handle. About 36cm overall length with a blade of about 13.5cm. By electing to purchase this item you are confirming that you are over the age of 18, and that we may if in any doubt contact you prior to dispatch in order to verify this. Orders including any bladed items will incur an additional £3.25 courier age verification charge and legally require delivery to persons aged 18 and over.
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