Tatsumi Kato Porcelain Tea Set

A Japanese design classic, created in the 1970s by Kato Tatsumi, and still made to this day by Ceramic Japan. The set consists of a soft black glazed teapot with rattan handle, secured with copper rings, with two simple footed porcelain tea cups, glazed in a softly lustrous white, with blue lettering and the signature of Tatsumi K on the base. Measuring just over 16cm to the top of the handle, with a diameter of 13cm, this 600ml capacity teapot is perfect for tea for two, and makes a great work teapot — one tea cup can be up-ended to fit snugly on the lid of the teapot, meaning that whilst your tea is brewing, your cup can be warming. The tea cups measure 8cm diameter, 6.5cm tall, with a capacity of 180ml.

£89.00 (Ex Tax:£74.17)

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