I-Hada Sand Cast brass trivet, Hoshi / Star

A hand sand-cast brass trivet from a foundry founded in 1897 in the Japanese city of Takaoka in the Toyama Prefecture. The castings are largely left ihada, meaning with a raw, unfinished cast surface without machining or coarse polishing — the surface retains any texture or discolouration drawn from the sand into which the molten brass was poured — a manifestation of their solidity, manufacture, and also of their uniqueness. Created by Oji Masanori who has worked alongside the foundry's artisans turning their centuries old skills and traditions to the production of a series of modern ‘livingware’. A pattern inspired by the cosmos: 'Hoshi', a four pointed star (165mm x 165mm x 15mm).

£70.00 (Ex Tax:£58.33)

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