Granade spare blade

A spare blade for the granade sharpener, one of the three pencil sharpeners from the company of Möbius + Ruppert whose founder Theodore Paul Möbius pioneered the design and industrial production of precision hand pencil sharpeners and whose forth generation family owned company still manufactures in its traditional home of Erlanger, Germany. Sold individually the sharpeners consist of: the granate sharpener, a small barrel, or grenade, shaped knurled brass precision sharpener - small but pleasantly heavy in the hand; the triple sharpener, a specialist magnesium bodied sharpener with three differently functioning blades, one (the longest) which sharpens normally, another which is positioned such that it removes the wood leaving the lead intact, and a third (the shortest) intended to sharpen only the lead; and the double sharpener, a heavy circular brass sharpener with 2 overlapping barrels, one with a diameter of 8.2mm for standard pencils, one a diameter of 11.2mm and a shorter cone for thicker pencils, eye-liners, and crayons. All are beautifully machined.
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