Sneeboer 3 tine digging fork

The firm of Sneeboer began manufacturing garden tools in 1913, and were in the 1940s amongst the first to embrace the use of stainless steel. Originally designed to withstand the rigours of daily use by the professional horticulturalists and commercial growers of West-Friesland, with its heavy clay rich soil, and still forged, ground, and assembled entirely by hand, they offer the home or allotment gardener tools of rare and exceptional quality. Here we offer a choice of digging fork or spade, both with longer than is typical ‘T’ shaped ash handles, attached within thick steel straps by brass rivets. The fork is three tined and strong enough to cope with all soil types and conditions. The tines are forged and ground flat to their front edge, sharp to the tip, and triangular to the rear, to most effectively cut through and loosen soil; its total length is about 117cm, and width about 16cm. The spade has foot protective steps either side of a slightly out tapering, sharpened blade; it comes in a length of about 115cm, a width of 16.5cm, and a blade height of about 28cm.

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