Sentei topiary clippers

Japanese drop forged topiary clippers made of KA-70 Carbon Steel, which gives an excellent edge. These are one-handed clippers for box clipping and other topiary: easy on the hand thanks to the 5" blades and spring action. The Japanese name (hakaribasami) means leaf cutters: it’s important not to cut old, hard wood, only soft new growth. Japanese steel is hard and sharp, and can be more brittle than some people are used to — it will chip if abused. Each blade and handle of these clippers are forged as a single piece, pivoting around an adjustable bolt allowing for tightening or disassembly for cleaning or easier sharpening. Just over 27cm overall length. Like many Japanese tools, these are carbon steel and can rust if left wet or stored in damp conditions. They are best lightly oiled if left unused for any length of time.

£49.00 (Ex Tax:£40.83)

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