Mikadzuki Kama, Aogami weeding sickle

A hand forged Aogami blue paper steel weeding sickle with a with a straight poplar wood handle from the workshops of Nagata Kamaya in Kasai City, Hyogo Prefecture, a small third generation manufacturer specialised in sickle making since 1947. Aogami steels, named after the blue paper they are traditionally wrapped in are very high quality, high carbon alloy tool steels renowned for their wear resistance and ability to hold the finest edge, they are typically used in the production of fine kitchen knives, razors, carpenters planes, and the very best hand forged sickles. Being carbon steel these can rust if left wet or stored damp, and are best lightly oiled if left for extended periods. With an overall length of about 42cm, and a blade of about 18cm.
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