Poterie Renault pouring mixing bowls
£12.00 – £50.00

Heavy salt glazed 'grès' stoneware spouted mixing bowls from Argent sur Sauldre, near Orléans, central France. Glazed to the rim and interior, left unglazed to the outside - their weight and thermal mass make them the ideal pastry bowl, whilst the spout is useful for batters or for pouring cake mixtures in tins. Established in 1847 in a region abundant with both the wood fuel for 19th century kilns, and the alluvial fire clays and mineral deposits necessary for the production of high grade stoneware, Poterie Renault today combines modern kilning technology with local clays, traditional methods, and centuries old hand-turning skills. In 4 sizes: 15cm diameter with a 0.8l capacity; 24cm diameter with a 2.5l capacity; 30cm diameter with a 5.0l capacity; or a very generous 36cm diameter and 9.0l capacity.
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