French grès prep bowls
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Salt glazed stoneware preparation, serving, mixing, or even in the case of the smallest soup or cereal bowls with slightly in-turned rims. The shape of these bowls allows for energetic mixing, vigorous whisking, or the turning over of leaves with minimal potential for spillage. From a pottery established in 1847 in Argent sur Sauldre, near Orléans, in central France - a region abundant with both the wood used to fuel nineteenth century kilns, as well as the alluvial fire clays and minerals used in the production of poterie grès. Whilst the kilns may now be temperature controlled and differently powered, the materials, methods, and hand turning techniques have remained largely unchanged through the generations. In 4 sizes, about 10cm and 0.25l, 14cm and 0.5l, 18cm and 1.3l, or 25cm and 3l.
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