English enamel baking tray

Something of a new venture and one to be encouraged we think - genuinely English made vitreous enamel cookware triple fired in Birmingham kilns on heavy gauge steel sheet pressed in Oldham. These have no great British heritage or supposed classic status to noisily promote, but equally have no need to disguise a far eastern origin, no need to prey on our will to believe or to misread between the lines, like a dissimulating falcon circling its unwary mark; they are just something made locally, simply, and well. Much heavier than is typical of cheaper alternatives, which gives a much more even heat distribution and a better cooked result. 3 sizes of roasting pan, small at about 21cm x 28.5cm, medium at 33cm x 24cm, large 33.5cm square, all being 5cm deep or thereabouts, and a baking tray measuring roughly 21cm x 28cm x almost 2cm.
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£35.00 (Ex Tax:£29.17)

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