Deep country pan - poêle paysanne

Blue steel traditional french professional style deep sauté pan - called a poêle paysanne in French - literally a peasant or country pan - which perhaps indicates the style of cooking towards which this lends itself. Suited to any power of heat. Properly prepared this will increasingly outperform any non stick pan, will last a life time, and actually improve with age. It won't peel above medium heat or release plastics into your food, it will self repair if scratched. Will blacken as the steel bonds with layers of oil and carbon, forming what amounts to a natural non stick coating. Properly seasoned and prepared these pans will out-perform any non-stick or stainless pan, and cared for will last more than a lifetime. In seasoning the steel of the pan bonds to polymerised oil forming a deep brown to black surface that acts as a natural non-stick coating, one that does not peel if over heated (arguably it improves), self repairs if scratched (say by metal tools), will not release novel chemicals into your food, or for that matter poison birds. Made in Val-d'Ajol, France by de Buyer, who have been making similar pans in that region since 1830. The pan is about 28cm in diameter with sides of about 9cm.

£37.50 (Ex Tax:£31.25)