Beeswax Candles & Symy Ong Candle Holder gift set

A gift set containing a boxed pair of traditionally dipped beeswax stumpie candles, hand made at a small Cumbrian candle works, with a locally thrown and carved candle holder from Symy Ong, made in iron-rich stoneware. The candles, made entirely of beeswax sourced from UK bees, naturally vary in colour, like honey, from a deep golden orange through to light creamy yellows, and are blessed both in storage and in use with a glorious honeyed scent. Ong, who apprenticed for a year with a Japanese wood-fired pottery, has recently set up studio in Oxford, making stoneware pieces which are fired in a gas kiln. Candles are 4" tall with a base diameter of 1.75" approximately, with a 12hr burn time, candle holder is 1.25" tall with an approximately 4" diameter. Provided in a gift box with magnetic closure.

£45.00 (Ex Tax:£37.50)

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