Opinel Chestnut / Garlic Knife

Opinel's chestnut, garlic and fruit knife, with stainless steel blade and chestnut wood handle. This pocket knife is used for cutting and peeling chestnuts, as well as peeling garlic or quickly removing stones and pits from fruit by making an incision, and is ideal for preparing jams and tarts. Its small size means it fits easily into your pocket and its short, pointed and curved 4 cm blade is easier to handle than a long blade. Opinel have been producing their iconic pocket knives in the Savoie region of France since 1890, and although the renowned locking ferrule was only introduced in 1955 in the years since the design has become the archetypal folding lock-knife. Possibly safer than more traditional sprung pocket knives, their construction is also less complex, allowing for a rare marriage of quality and affordability.

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£12.95 (Ex Tax:£10.79)

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