Poterie Digoin Breton Cidre Bowl

A small wide bowl of a type called bolée traditionally (particularly in Brittany) used for drinking cidre, French cider, which is generally bottle conditioned so blessed with a sharp champagne like fizz which the wide brim helps dissipate, allowing easier, and perhaps quicker consumption. A similar principle, if perhaps a little more agricultural, to the classic coupe glass. In a 'Mat' glaze to perfectly match the Pinte Cidre and stoneware goblets as part rustic but quietly sophisticated drinking set. Hand made since 1875 by Poterie Digoin, in the northern Loire valley, an area rich in clay and silt mineral deposits, but as importantly at a major junction in the French canal network, whose distribution allowed the nascent pottery to quickly establish itself at the heart of the French kitchen. About 11cm diameter, and 6cm high.

£19.50 (Ex Tax:£16.25)

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