Mühle R89 Chrome Safety Razor, Closed Comb

Made in Stützengrün in Germany's Erz Mountains, the Mühle R89 is a classic safety razor, with a closed comb. Mühle, founded by Otto Johannes Müller on returning from the war in 1945, has built an international reputation for precison-crafted shaving tools. The bottom plate of a closed comb razor is designed with a flat edge that typically has grooves in it; it’s referred to as ‘closed’ because the safety edge has no gaps or teeth. The flat edge of the bottom plate keeps the skin stretched tightly across the bar whilst shaving, providing a ‘safer’ shave. Considered the gentlest of safety razors, it’s perfect for daily shaves and well suited to sensitive skin as well as beginners. Unlike many modern blade systems, the R89 foregoes plastic mechanisms. Blades are easily replaced by unscrewing the head of the Safety Razor. Dimensions: 41 mm x 94 mm. To use, insert a sharp blade into the razor. After applying a pre-shave treatment and your shaving soap, cream or gel to your face, warm the safety razor in warm water and begin to shave with the razor at around a 30° angle to your face. It is recommended that you shave twice with the grain and once against the grain. Use a light touch and shave in short 30-35mm strokes. Be sure to regularly swish the blade in warm water between passes. By electing to purchase this item you are confirming that you are over the age of 18, and that we may if in any doubt contact you prior to dispatch in order to verify this.

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