Krumpholz Forged Hand Axe, Hickory Handle

A hand-forged axe with a durable and high-quality 40cm 'cow-foot' shaped handle, allowing for a confident one-handed grip when chopping back or trimming branches or twigs in your garden. Hickory is used due to its combination of strength and flexibility — its strength allows it to take massive shocks without splitting or cracking. A 1300g hand-forged axe head ensures a smooth and direct cut every time, without the need for excessive force or swinging. Its weight is perfectly balanced through its premium German forging, so that you can always maintain a confident grip. Handcrafted in the Krumpholz family-run forge in Germany who have been making high quality gardening tools since 1799.
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£45.00 (Ex Tax:£37.50)

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