Bachi-kuwa, long handled trapezoid hoe

A hand forged carbon steel hoe from Tsubame-Sanjo, with a longish arcing trapezoid head and a lightweight 900mm poplar handle. These are used standing and with a chopping action to dig, break up, weed, and till soil amidst beds and borders. Proper use is a kind of circular chop and pull to loosen soil — this shouldn't be used as a prying tool despite tempting the shape. Like many Japanese tools these are carbon steel and can rust if left wet or stored damp, and are best lightly oiled if left for extended periods. Overall length is a little over 90cm, and the blade measures approximately 16cm by 7cm, and 21.5cm from heal to tip. Please note that this item will incur a long item shipping surcharge which will be added at the shipping stage of checkout.

£30.00 (Ex Tax:£25.00)

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