Artisan pocket knives
£97.50 – £255.00

A choice of four Individually handmade knives from a specialised and dedicated workshop at the New Eye Witness Works in Sheffield. Reinstating a long tradition, each knife is made made from start to finish by a single craftsman and mounted with naturally figured horn or hardwood scales. Each is unique, finished, ground, and polished to a very high standard and supplied with a certificate bearing the signature of its maker, and are proposed to represent the ideals and capabilities of this city of cutlery and steel. We have four types.
Gentleman’s knife - with a single stainless blade, brass linings, and polished buffalo horn scales. A slim and elegant knife with a narrow clipped blade ideal for picnicking, trimming quills, opening letters, portioning fruit, and other dextrous gentlemanly pursuits.
Lambfoot knife - with a single stainless blade, brass linings, and polished ram’s horn scales. The lambfoot blade shape is now less commonly seen than the curved clipped, or pen knife, but with a straight cutting edge it is more versatile - the middle area used for trimming, whittling, or sharpening pencils, whilst the tip can be used flat as might a stanley knife - ideal for everything from slicing apples, to trimming the slats of a cedar strip canoe.
Twin blade pen and lambfoot knife - a twin stainless steel bladed pen and lambfoot folding knife with genuine and outstanding polished mother of pearl scales. During our visit we asked Lee what his preferred knife to make was and his reply was anything with mother of pearl as he loved the way the lustre slowly appeared and evolved as the handle was shaped and polished.
Twin bladed barlow knife - with two stainless blades, brass liners, and polished ram’s horn scales. This is a versatile knife with one larger clipped barlow blade allied to one of a typical pen form, the barlow having its origins in Sheffield as an outdoors-man’s knife, the pen very much in the scriptorium as a trimmer of quills.
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£97.50 – £255.00

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