A corner of the Objects of Use bricks and mortar store in Oxford

About OoU

Objects of Use is a modern-day hardware store, home to a unique selection of everyday household tools, conscientiously sourced from around the globe. Our collection brings together centuries of tradition, passed through the hands and minds of generations, whose processes and techniques have culminated in the production of beautiful tools made with practiced skill, using low-impact methods and materials.

Stationery items from Objects of Use, Japanese notebooks, Kaweco pencils and pens, Coccoina glue, and hand carved trays.

Inspired by the idea of a voluntary simplicity in the way we can live, we aim to foster an appreciation of the value of the hand-made, an awareness of the proper utilisation of natural materials, and of the locale-specific resources and requirements that have led to each of our ‘vernacular objects’. We aspire to find an alternative to the prevailing throwaway culture, offering instead a more considered and harmonious approach to everyday living.

Indigo and mud dying at Kanai Kougai, Omami Oshima, Japan A close up view of the Objects of Use shop window, Market Street, Oxford

We cast our net wide, seeking out everyday archetypes in countries as far-flung as Japan, Korea, and Finland, as well as closer to home — some of our items are crafted within a few miles of our Oxford store. With a strong commitment to preserving the heritage of craft, we continually seek to support a resurgence of making through collaborations with independent designers and craftspeople, both established and emerging.

some of the kitchen knives, hand tools, and bushcraft tools available at Objects of Use The Arthur Wright and Sons workshop in Sheffield

We believe in the simple things, in the increasing importance of considered consumption, and the life-enhancing qualities of these objects, whose unification of the best of tradition, design, and integrity provide an enduring legacy in the tools that enhance the fundamental routines of our daily lives.

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Rake-making in Cumbria