Duralex Picardie Marine Tumblers, 31cl, Box of 6

A box of 6 of Duralex's classic Picardie Marine tumblers. First designed in 1927 and produced using Saint-Gobain's patented glass tempering method since 1945, during which each glass is heated to about 700°C and cooled rapidly in blasts of cold air. With a curving, tapering, nonagonal shape, formed to mimic the space inside a lightly closed fist the Picardie has been much copied, but never bettered. The Picardie is equally at home filled with iced pastis or tannic vin-de-table in the cafés and bistrots of France, water in countless school canteens, juice on the worlds breakfast tables, or hot black Afghan tea in the chaikhana of the Hindu Kush. 

£15.50 (Ex Tax:£12.92)

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