Sabatier K 1834 Paring Knife with Leather Sheath, 4"

A four inch paring knife with a leather sheath. The 'Authentique 1834 Limited' is a range of classic black handled French pattern high carbon stainless steel chef's knives. They are still made in the Thiers region of France, fully forged, hand ground, and finished by craftsmen proud of their work and traditions. The 1834 range is finished to a higher standard and supplied with a protective leather sheath, being made to celebrate the skill and tradition of the K Sabatier brand that have persisted since its founding in 1834. Being stainless they are suited to a household where not everyone can commit to the care required for the maintenance of carbon steel knives.

The term Sabatier is derived from 2 cutlers who worked in Thiers at the beginning of the 19th century, Jean Sabatier of Le Moutier, and Philippe Sabatier of Bellevue; naturally they marked their ware quite with their own names. This name — Sabatier — quickly became a byword for quality, and was adopted by many local knife makers. Of the originals only the Bellevue Sabatier company survives to this day, operated from the same address by the 8th generation of Philippe Sabatier's family, as Sabatier Aîné & Perrier. Their brand? Sabatier K. From 1834 the Sabatiers of Bellevue have added the initial 'K' to all their knife blades, initially to differentiate themselves from the Sabatiers of Le Moutier, and more recently from the many pretenders. The mark however first appears engraved on the Silver Tablet of Cutlers, held in the Thiers town archives, dated 7th June 1813. The 'Authentique' range of classic black handled high carbon stainless steel knives are still made using traditional methods, they are fully, and individually hand forged from a single piece of steel, then hand ground and finished by by skilled craftsmen, and not as is commonly the case by robots, or CNC milling machines.

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