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Sheffield carving tools
Sheffield carving toolsSheffield carving tools

Sheffield carving tools

Sheffield forged full tang carving tools of stainless, or in the case of the sharpening steel high carbon tool steel, all with rosewood scales to the handles held in place with brass rivets. Made to classic English patterns by the company of Arthur Wright & Sons, cutlery component suppliers and knife makers since 1947, and one of a select few makers determined to maintain the city of Sheffield’s long tradition of steel and cutting tool manufacturing. The carving knife follows the classic yatagan form, although with a thicker deeper blade than is typical of a Sabatier yatagan making it something of a utility carver suited to both birds and roasted joints, the curved fork is fitted with a folding hand guard, supposed to be used when slicing horizontally across the top of jointed roasts (the joint having been turned so that the face is upper-most) which is done of necessity towards the hand. Supplied individually, the knife measures approximately 200mm to the blade, as does the steel.
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