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Garden riddles
Garden riddlesGarden riddles

Garden riddles

Until very recently these traditional garden riddles were being hand-made in the small town of Whaley Bridge in the High Peak by Hill & Sons, the UK's sole surviving maker of wood framed riddles and sieves. These had either 18" steamed beech frames, and a choice of 1/2", 3/8", 1/4", or 1/8" mesh, or a smaller 8" frame fitted with 1/8" mesh. The largest weave was ideal for removing stones or root vegetables and had a hand woven mesh, the finer two for sieving compost or soil to remove twigs and other larger un-rotted and persistent debris. These were both sturdier and more attractive than their common tin, plastic, or ply counterparts, and one can only lament the loss of one more small industry to the lure of cheap disposable imports. To learn more about these sieves and riddles and how they were made click here.
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