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Objects of Use product page
We do love LAMP stacks here at OoU, we love PHP, Javascript, and HTML; we'll admit it: we love coding. There are times it feels a lot like building a house of cards, one slip, skip the wrong punctuation, and the whole thing comes crashing down; get it right though and it's delicate yet remarkably robust, a lexical machine more complex than an engine, with arguments and algorithms as developed as any thesis. And there is a kind of poetry in code, it has its own cadence of tags, syntax, and conditionals, a tumbling chain of cause and effect, albeit wrapped in a language more stilted, less subtle than our own. And perhaps that is the real point, these are languages simpler (if more precise) than those known and mastered by the smallest of children, yet we bewitch ourselves with tales of their complexity, a sense of cannot-do, where there should be creative joy.
We hope we've made some improvements, both in design and function, and we hope by migrating to a Nottingham based server lower latency and faster transfer times will improve the UK browsing experience, it certainly seems to have improved things during the build, so we're keeping our fingers crossed this carries on once visitor traffic increases.
As you have obviously noticed we've also added a web-log to the site, hopefully here we'll be able keep you informed of any interesting developments, the origin and history of some of the products we sell, possibly guides to their use and care, but also very occasionally our ruminations on the wider world, perhaps ideas sparked by something here, its making, disappearance, or the uses it might be put to.
In development
Speaking of computers, We should share one of our favourite pieces of music, at least if favour can be judged in feelings of simple joy. It is possible my own judgement is clouded by the fact that my grandmother chose this as a favourite lullaby to ease our fears on dark autumnal nights, as there's little doubt that it's crudely executed, occasionally off tempo, and barely in tune - musically there is little to recommend it - yet what delights, what intrigues is that despite it's origin it is possessed of more humanity than much over-produced pop.