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The YUKARI opening night
A fine selection of Japanese Nest beers
Taisetsu kiln pottery
Yukari is a Japanese word used since ancient times to mean ‘relationship’ or ‘connection.’ On the 8th of November we were proud to host an exhibition of extraordinary Japanese wood working and crafts curated by designer Oji MASANORI. You can find out all about the objects and their makers by viewing our original «YUKARI» page.
OJI-san working
'This time, I would like to hold a series of exhibitions titled ‘Yukari,’ curating handicrafts manufactured in places in Japan I have Yukari with, in the countries I have developed Yukari with. Products that are created with care are created envisioning people yet to see who will eventually pick up and use the products.
'The makers hope to relate to the users by giving them gentleness and aesthetics within the products. I would like to make use of the traditional crafting techniques that have been passed down for generations in today's products because I believe it is important to connect the past with the future beyond generations.
'A man can feel the connection between himself in the past and himself at the present moment by living a life surrounded by things that are manufactured based on the traditional techniques, fully functional, yet beautiful. He might start thinking that his children should use them as well. And, that fact will make him aware of the connection with the future, and he could live a life with deep satisfaction.
'Through the Yukari exhibitions, I would like to bridge the people and the countries to which I am personally connected. And, I am hoping that I could share with many people this substantial feeling that we are all connected.
'I would be glad if you could feel this Yukari in your own sense through the beautiful Japanese handicrafts that are manufactured with care.'

OJI Masanori
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